Digital Scholarship and Services

The Digital Scholarship and Services department in Addlestone Library supports interdisciplinary scholarship at the College of Charleston by:

  • Coordinating the development and maintenance of locally-created open-access digital resources
  • Maintaining the library website, the catalog, off campus access to databases, and the library's digital collections systems
  • Collaborating with librarians, faculty and other institutions on digital projects that advance the academic mission of the College. 

We welcome opportunities to work with College faculty and staff as well as local cultural heritage organizations and other institutions, to develop new tools, services and other forms of outreach and collaborative inquiry on topics in digital humanities, digital libraries, and related areas.

We welcome proposals for jointly sponsored events, particularly on the following topics:

  • Digital scholarship tools
  • Digital repositories
  • Discipline-specific approaches to digital technology
  • Data Visualizations

To find out more, please contact the Head of Digital Scholarship & Services to discuss your project in more depth.